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posted: December 31, 1969
Tom Rob Smith on climbing Mt Fuji

Recently some of the most enjoyable assignments have been coming from the Wall Street Journal. For the past year the art directors Christian Drury and Kayla Reynolds have been commissioning spots for the Traveler's Tale, a regular feature where each story is written by a different person and their take on travel.

For each assignment the voices and locations change and it's been a pleasure to do.

I've been working with releif prints which seem to lend themselves to the topic of travel, the technique encourages me keep things simple. 

Larger images can be found in portfolio one

Madeline Miller on a visit to Troy
Ali Wentworth on a solo trip to the Bahamas
Donna Karan on Bali
Ben Fountain on Haiti
Wolfgang Puck on the ceremony of coffee in Ethiopia
Ricky Lauren in the Hampton's
Julia Reed spends her honeymoon alone in Paris
Chef Eric Ripert on what to eat in which airport